BOOM Consultation


Feng Shui focused Sessions

Private (in-person): 3.5 hours

  1. You will receive a private feng shui consultation for your space. This includes an in-depth analysis of the energy and its direct effect on you. We will discover how it is helping or harming you in your personal and professional life.

  2. We will find the areas of your life that are stagnant and bring more powerful flow into them. It will be a focused shift to create a life that the one you want from the core of your being.

  3. A plan of attack for the future. After this session you will have action steps and a roadmap where to go next. It will push you to be the biggest version of yourself and to live from a new paradigm. BOOM.

Skype: 2 hours

It will be a condensed version of above. The goal is to explore your external space while seeing the effects of it in your internal space. What is it in your life that is not satisfactory? What is affecting it? How do we transform that with power and precision? BOOM.


Personal Transformation

Private (in-person): 5 sessions. 1.5 hours a piece. 

We will look at what parts of space are you not owning in your life? Where are you giving your power away, mentally and physically? What do you look like in your totality of power?

These are questions we are going to answer. We are going to discover who you really are and what it looks like to live as your fullest you. Each session will build on the other. It will guide you to discovering how you want to live and the blocks that are stopping you.

This will include full feng shui, meditation, and mindfulness.


Skype: 5 sessions. 1 hour a piece

It will be a condensed version above for those who can’t meet in person. The goal is to find your space and own it. When you own the totality of your space, you own your life.



In-home solo/group meditation
1. For people who don't want to meditate with a bunch of strangers or are tired of doing it on their own. A BOOM meditation is the ultimate in finding the depth within without having to leave your space.  
2.Group meditation available by request. 

Personalized meditations
1. For stress, Love, Depression, Abundance.
2. You can only do this if you have done a BOOM above. They are recorded and sent to you based on your needs. 


Corporate Speaking

Most engagements center around space and how it affects productivity. We will go through practical methods of focusing on breath, decluttering, meditation, and basic principles of feng shui. They are designed to help employees implement these steps for a healthier and more creative life.