The Time I Stood Up To Suge Knight (true story)

Way back when, at a restaurant called Gladstone's 4 Fish, in Malibu, I was but a young waiter trying to live the dream of being an actor. I had finished college and drove out West to pursue my divine calling. Gladstone's was an incredible restaurant to work for. It was on the beach. We stole lobsters and fillets. We had crazy parties. If you worked a morning shift, you could be in the mountains skiing by the afternoon. Zero responsibility. Unlimited possibility. Life was good. 

One day, I began my shift like any other. I clocked in. Put my iconic white shorts on. Saw which section I would be working in. The usual. I was put in the back section. Blah. It was slow during lunch but was killer in the evening. Slow lunch. Ok. Whatever. I chatted with my bestie Christine, no biggie. 

Out of nowhere my manager comes in, "Bryce, what the hell are you doing, you have a table. GO!" Shit. I run out, push through the doors and boom! There were 10 huge men in my section. HUGE. No one else. Just these guys. GIANT. They were smoking cigars. Illegal. They brought their own booze. Illegal. They took up 5 tables (not illegal but a dick move). My stomach sank. 

Holy God, this is Suge Knight and his posse. The Suge Knight who has been tried multiple times for murder. Who beat up people for parking in his space. Who has sent death squads to his enemies. Who doesn't give a flying shit about anything. And what, I'm going to serve him Baked Halibut in my tiny white shorts along with his compatriots in a closed off section with no other people around? Are you kidding me?!

As I entered the den of lions, I realized just how tiny my shorts were. "Hi, what would you like to order? We have a blueberry margarita and our special is Baked Halibut with a parmesan crust, horseradish and dijon mustard. It's delicious and one of the guest favorites." I'm dead. Halibut will be my last words.

Never looking up, speaking through his cigar, "I want 10 seafood towers, 15 lobsters and 15 fillets. I need it all in 20 minutes. I want 4 bottles." Bottles of what? "Bottles!" He points to the Hennessy he brought.  "Sir, I don't know if we serve bottles of Hennessy." He looks at me. "4 bottles it is." 

I leave. My white shorts now stained with tears and a goodbye note to my mother. 

Food comes out. They eat it. They smoke. Now we're onto weed. Illegal. I bring more "bottles." I drop the check and leave. 

Slowly, one by one, they exit the restaurant. "Bye, thanks for coming to Gladstone's 4 Fish. Be sure to try calamari next time. Take care. Bye."

A sigh of relief. My face is intact. All is good. I go to see what kind of tip was left. Nothing.

No, no tip. NO DAMN BILL. He didn't pay the bill. A $2400 bill. Nothing. Walked out. Restaurant policy is you pay if they don't. I run to my manager and tell him that Suge Freaking Killer Knight left without paying. He reiterated the rules. "I know the rules but we're talking about my life here." He didn't care. I started calculating how to pay this. I couldn't. I had nothing. Meltdown. 

There was one choice- confront the former LA Rams Defensive End who weighed double what I did purely in muscle. I run out to the parking lot, white shorts riding up my ass. Sweating. Dying inside. I approach him and immediately am blocked by his body guards who are even bigger than him. Imagine standing a tank end to end and giving those tanks legs, that was these men. "What do you want? What the fuck are you doing?" Suge turns around. Looks at me. Pissed. Comes towards me.

"What?" Ummm..."Mr. Suge, you forgot to pay the bill." 

Silence. Body guards silent. Suge silent. The earth stopped rotating. The white shorts hid themselves high up in my butt cheeks. Deafening stillness. 

Reaches into his pocket. Death whispered in my ear, "Welcome home."

It was his wallet. I have never, to this day, seen so many hundreds. He pulls out 24 crisp 100 dollar bills. And a $20. Hands it to me. He calls his group cheap ass bitches. They laughed. They had to or else...I was going to laugh. But I didn't. He walks away, gets in his car and drives off. 

I exhale for what seems like the first time in my life. I got my damn money. 

Is there any moral to this story? No. I just wanted to indulge in a very true tale that happened during my 23rd birthday. And now, 14 years later, on my 37th birthday, I am in California meditating for a week thinking how crazy this wild, wacky, world is. 

Ain't it a ride...

Please meet the fearless woman called "ThunderFury."

First, a legal disclosure: Don't be daft and think in any way I am condoning not choosing to undergo chemotherapy based on this post. Listen to your doctor and be educated in your choices...

That said, I want to tell you a little story about a woman I met at brunch the other day. We will call this woman, ThunderFury, because that was the energy she brought with her. Let us begin. 

The day was rainy. The winds were fierce. It was Saturday and a group of random people were meeting for brunch at The Smith on third. We were pulled together by a common friend who was in town and wanted to see everyone before returning to her home in New Zealand. Brunch was nice. I had eggs benedict. I also had an iced coffee. A group of us got to talking and had a lovely morning. Then...

Without warning, ThunderFury rolls in like The Titanic crashing into the iceberg, there were casualties in her wake. Big, wild, beaming, energy. She was drinking vodka, club soda, with a tea bag in the glass. People knew ThunderFury. How couldn't you. She was a direct descendent of Thor the ThunderGod. I didn't know her but I was curious as to why she had a tea bag in her drink. So, I got up the courage and asked why this tea bag. "Because I don't want any fucking sugar in my drink." Made sense. But why the tea bag? "Because I hate the taste of vodka." Ok. Fair. But what about the sugar you're eating in your brioche french toast? "Yeah, I have stage 4 cancer and I refuse to give up everything good." 


The tea bag was lost in sea of gasps. ThunderFury dropped the bomb she had stage 4 cancer as casually as someone asking about a tea bag in a vodka drink. Then the following was spoken by ThunderFury. 

"Yeah, I have stage 4 cancer. It's not a big fucking deal. Look, I'm not going to die. I'm going to be ok." Do you have to get treatment. "Yeah, I have fucking stage 4 cancer."

Of course.

"But one thing I'm not going to do is fucking chemotherapy. This ass fucking surgeon comes in and says that if I don't I am going to die. I don't listen to this clown. Is he an oncologist? Is he my doctor that I've been working with? Is he the smartest man for the job? Fuck no. You know why? Because he was some bitch ass doctor that had only one treatment for me and it was chemo fucking therapy. Arrogant mother fucker" 


"And I told this fucker to get out of my room. Chemotherapy ain't happening. Chemotherapy is non-negotiable. I am not afraid to die. Take me now because if I'm going to go, I'm going like a ball of fucking fire."

I believed her.

"Chemotherapy is non-negotiable and I told him to find me a doctor that knows what they are talking about and present me with real options. Then I told him to get the fuck out of my face..."


All I could do was take a bite of my wonderful home fries. Sometimes the potatoes can be too hard in the middle and will quite frankly ruin the meal. Not the case here. 

So, what did you do, ThunderFury?

"I found someone who knew my body. Who gave me options. Who spoke to me like fucking human. And on top of that I decided to try the whole fucking holistic route as well. And guess what, now I am not going to fucking die. Fuck chemotherapy and those mother fuckers" 

ThunderFury then takes a bite of her heavily sugared brioche french toast. Swigs the vodka infused tea and just like that...

ThunderFury was gone. 

Awe. Disbelief. Silence. 

Someone leaned over to me and said, "You know she tried to patent this vodka infused tea idea. However, the patent office told her she would first have to make her own brand of vodka to which she replied, 'fuck that.'"


When she was gone, all I kept thinking was how insane this woman was...and yet, she had a conviction to herself that I rarely, if ever, see. ThunderFury was willing to die before receiving chemotherapy. Extreme yes but I was so damn impressed by her fortitude. Was it crazy? Absolutely. But yoww, I think of all the things in life that should be non-negotiable and aren't. What am I willing to die for? What are you willing to die for? 

Moral of this story, find the non-negotiables in life and no matter what, do not sacrifice them. Be ThunderFury. She chose her life, even if it meant ending it. Damn. That's living...


This could be the end...

This could be the end of the world as we know it. Or it couldn't. Who the heck knows. But it could. We could get bombed, poisoned, stabbed, strangled, sick, break, tortured, bitten, slashed, burnt, drowned, hiccuped, shot, beaten, crushed, buried, dismembered, and whole host of other wonderful things. We could. It has happened since the dawn of time. We have died. No escaping that big one. Sometimes natural, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes by mistake. But, either way, we done died. 

Knowing the inevitability of death, I must ask this question: How will you live? If death is a knockin on the door, how are you going to live in this moment. Because I hate to say it, this is a one way street. It's not meant to be morbid, it is meant to be sobering. It is meant to really, really, really get real with yourself and see what parts you may be hiding from in your life. Because I promise, whatever area you are playing small in will never compare to the grim reaper waiting for you to finish that last sip of rosé. 

Well damn, then what's the point? If we are walking dead then why even live!? YES! That is exactly it. Because most people live like that. They live like the walking dead. Like at some subconscious level they have died. And to that I say FUCK THAT SHIT!!!

I was in the West Village. I had just finished up with a client. I was feeling good. I was skipping. I was playing with my pigtails. Life was friggin great. Until, a thought! "If they can bomb a concert in Manchester they can certainly bomb the West Village. They can bomb me! And I'm happy right now. They'll definitely want me." True story. I pooped on my day. I slowly got sad. Depressed and became the walking dead. I was going to be bombed and that's all there was to that. It's over.

Until I realized the name of my company is BOOM FREAKING FENG SHUI. And in that moment I saw two paths for me. One, terror and death. Two, live like a freaking rockstar and immortality (I mean my lil ol body would be gone but my soul well...). I chose rockstar. If I'm going to go, I'm going big. I'm going hard. I'm going out without any damn regrets. It's the only way.

Check in, see if you are the walking dead. If there is a big ol' fat wahhhhhhh in your energy and mind. Or is there a big ol MY NAME IS THOR THE THUNDER GOD AND I DECLARE MY LIFE RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME.  It's your choice. It really is. It's always your choice. 

Ps, I was so pumped to be alive that I bought a hotdog from a street vendor... I wanted to die. 

The Danger in Waiting for the Future.

When I am a millionaire I will allow myself to be happy. When I am a famous composer will I relax. When my vacation comes will I stop and smell the roses. When I lose the weight will I begin to date. When I meditate enough and touch the face of God will I launch my business. When I am out of debt will I enjoy the money I earn. When all conditions I deem worthy in my life are satisfied, will I be joyful. Until then...I shall wait for the future.

When I...

Those are two very dangerous words. Very, very dangerous. "When I" is a condition that gets put on life. Putting conditions on life is a very slippery slope. They can be very convincing. It makes sense to first do xyz in order to be able to do abc. Doesn't it? Well, maybe it doesn't. Yes, there are times when a condition or prerequisite is necessary. When I build enough leg muscle I'll climb Mt. Everest. Fair. However, I would say for most things in life, we should not wait for the condition to be met. The reason is it has a way of forever pushing life away. There is no present. There is no right time. There is no NOW. 

If we want to do something, do it NOW. Start now! Regardless of the conditions of life, it does not mean we can't look up into the sky and disappear amongst the clouds. It does not mean the heart can't explode for what we do have. 

The conditions in the first paragraph are what I hear most frequently. It breaks my heart. It's a mechanism to disappear into a future that may never come. Damn, could you imagine? 

I have waited for the future a lot in my life. I have waited for that "right time." And in doing so I have pissed away the NOW. I will not get that NOW back. Silly Bryce. 

Before we part I want to give you a true example. When I was meditating for 6 weeks, I would look out over the mountain range in awe and tear up. It was stunning. OHHHH, but then my mind would say, "God I wish I lived in the mountains. I would be so happy. I would be so different. I would be... When I live in the mountains I'll be complete." Guess, what, I WAS LIVING IN THE DAMN MOUNTAINS!!! I was surrounded by FREAKING mountains. I woke every morning before meditation and saw nothing but big ass mountains staring down at me. But my brain was on "when I" mode instead of acknowledging that I had achieved the "When I." The irony. 

Don't pass on life and opportunities like your buddy Bryce here did. Drop the checklist that holds you back from enjoying the shit out of NOW. It's dangerous. I mean it, it is a dangerous way to live. I would hate for any of us to be taking that last breath and regret we didn't see the mountains. Not on my watch. 

Fierce Vulnerability and Power

First, don't forget about my 6 week program I'm offering. It is to get people to breakthrough the barriers considered once impossible. The objective is to roar, fight, tear through whatever has been deemed unattainable. It is will involve heart and ferocity. The small ego won't like it but no one ever lived BIG by listening to that.  It is a beast of a program. Click here to schedule a call to see if we shall be fit for one another. 

Vulnerability. I have spoken about this beast many times before. Each time I have a new respect for it. Let's lay out the facts of this timid creature. 

1. Most people are afraid of it.
2. We think it involves being weak.
3. We may get hurt by it.
4. It is equivalent to exposing the heart and having someone rip it out. 
5. Fear of vulnerability>North Korean nuclear holocaust>Fake maple syrup (last two are interchangeable). 

Good, those are established. That said, by now you know what I'm going to say, "Vulnerability is awesome! It's like riding a unicorn into a giant angelic marshmallow cloud full of money and kitty kisses that was musically created by Prince riding a shooting star headed straight for the moon in a tub of 99% cacao chocolate sustainably farmed from the laughter of wood nymphs." Fair. I would have said that but alas, it's not me anymore....kind of. 

But, here is my experience I would like to share. I was doing a meditation with a person sitting in front of me. It was a paired practice. Our eyes were open. The point was simple, can you be open and vulnerable in front of a random person. Oh New Yorkers don't like that. There I was, trying to open my heart. Forcing that precious organ. And then, it opened. I started front of this rando. Then, "Man Bryce" kicked in and started closing until BRYCE BOOM KENNEDY overrode it and it opened!

At first it was wobbly. I'll admit it, it felt weak. I felt like someone could rip my heart out. Literally. But then, it started to get steady. The wobbliness went away and was replaced by ferocity. I was blown away. It was like the sun had incarnated into my chest and a hole exploded through it. It was inexhaustible power. There was not hurt. It was the sun. It was fierce. 

My takeaway? I think what happens with vulnerability is that we associate it with the wobbly stage. It's at the wobbly part that most people stop and close up. That's where I used to stop. I of course don't with clients. I could careless if I'm a giant mush puddle of love. But I stopped out in the world. I never let it go to the other side. The irony. It was through total opening that the strength came in. It's a tough one to trust but the more times we get to try it the stronger it gets. 

Let your sun be fierce. It's a hell of a way to live. 

The depth of limitations

There was something that I really took away from the 6 weeks I was meditating... it's all just a bunch of bullshit...but in the most beautiful angelic way possible. Limitations, limitations, limitations and then more limitations. It's all nonsense and yet we are inundated with them. It's absolutely ridiculous! Because on the other side of limitations is bigness. Is the angelic beast we all are. 

When I came back I vowed that I would push through the bullshit and see what the absolute limitations out there are and then go beyond them. Ohhhh, mama, makes one get all tingly inside. If you want to see just what you can achieve, beyond the limitations of the mind, let's do it. I'm doing a 6 week program that focuses on a full out sprint to splintering the bullshit we call reality. It involves diet, workout, meditation, 6 skype calls, feng shui, and a whole lot of hounding the hell out of you at every moment. Some people just need a fully on BOOM. If this is you, let me know. Spots limited.  

Now back to your regular scheduled blog:

We need to start to being very, very aware of what limitations rule our lives. Limitations are so deeply imbedded that we may not know that we don't know. The best way to start digging into limitations is mapping it. Begin first with a goal. Make it a good one. Make it one that counts. And then, write every reason the goal isn't achievable. Money, time, family, intelligence, blah, blah, blah. Get it all out there. See it. Feel it. Let those limitations wash over like a warm abyss of poo. After they've been written out, go on the internet and find someone who has done something that was impossible. There are lot out there. Then write the opposite of the reasons why it can't be achieved. It's painful sometimes. The mind doesn't like it. But remember, it's just the mind. THE MIND!!!! That silly lil punk. 

I just hate limitations. I really do. I think that's why I love working with people, it's just so damn fun to push people past what they thought possible. Try it.

Limitations are so 2016.



At some point there is a moment in life where we have to "shit or get off the pot." It's a scary moment. I've made that choice many, many, many times. And each time I thought there was an impenetrable barrier that I would never overcome...and yet, I did. It's because I had a team pushing me every step of the way. The "impossible" is quite possible in a lot of situations. It's actually very possible. However, our minds get boxed in by the reality we surround ourselves with and thus never escape. Classic example is the actor. The actor wants an agent. Ohhh, but to get an agent you have to follow certain rules and protocol. It could take years. It could be...Impossible. Nonsense! Time to break the rules. Same with love. "I have tried for so long to find love and there is just no one out there. I have to settle or nothing at all. Trust me, it is impossible." Nope. The rules are finished. I have found through BOOM, time and time again, what we consider impossible is simply a blind spot and fear. That's it. And to be frank, it's my specialty to find those two and help push through them. The impossible become possible. I won't stop until it does. 

Here's what it takes: Willpower and continuously setting the bar higher and higher. This is what I do for my clients. It's scary. It's not for the timid. And what happens is the goal itself actually loses the power because the act of doing and pushing through this fear creates a momentum that shifts everything. It is hard work but damn, the results are there.  

I created a pilot program called "Impossible? Done." It is 6 weeks. It is meant to crush the smallness that has kept life in circles and shift into massiveness. 

There are two programs:

1. 6 skype calls. 6 Meditations and constant pushing to the next level. $1500.

2. 6 skype calls. 6 meditations. EVERYDAY PUSHING. 6 weeks. 7 Days a week. Non-stop. This is only for people that want something bad. Really, really bad. It is meant to push the boundaries of comfort to achieve the DONE. It can only be that way if you haven't gotten what you want yet.  $3000. It can be broken up in 3 payments. Email me for more info: 

I'm back, kind of.

I spent the last 6 weeks in the mountains of California at my school of meditation. It was an experience that is hard to explain. Here are a few words- profound, life changing, terrifying, opening, sad, rage, love, fire, ME. Sometimes all of these would happen at once. Other times they would slowly trickle out. They could scream me awake in the middle of the night or they could soothe me to sleep like a cosmic mother. Buttons were pushed. Reactions happened. Anger, sadness, joy, love all wrapped into one. And then, after it came at me like a tidal wave of insanity...silence. A profound silence and stillness that could only be dreamt of. And yet, there it was. Truth. The truth of me. 

I have a driving force for truth. I lived many years being pulled by many different forces away from my truth. There is no blame. It is what it is. And yet, for some reason, deep in my soul, I knew there was more. That's the beautiful part of my fire. It's very particular.  And because I didn't understand my truth early on, I had and have to fight for it. There is no satiating this thirst, this hunger. It is a quest. It's my quest. Some people know their truth very early on. This is not for you. This is for the people who know there is more. There is more to uncover. And they will go to the ends of the earth to find the "I" in "I AM." This is for you. This is for me.  

There was a moment during the six weeks where I thought with every fiber of my being I couldn't continue. My body and mind gave up. It said, "Go home, watch tv. This is ridiculous. Why fight?" I heard that voice. It warmed me.  And yet, something deeper knew it was wrong. So I passed through the threshold of what my mind and body considered possible. I came out the other side with a very humble respect for willpower. For wantings and desires. But of the deepest kind. Of the soul. Of the fire. Of truth. 

So I leave you with this, It is only when we push beyond the limitations of the ordinary do we live extraordinary. Extraordinary is individual. It is simplistic. It is beautiful. It is awake. It is knowing. It truth. 


Farewell for now

I wanted to say goodbye one last time before I left to staff and meditate in the hills of California for the next 6 weeks. It's something I never thought I would want to do. In fact, I actually cringed at the idea. I loathed it! But recently, I got a ping to do it. This ping grew louder and louder until I could no longer ignore it. It was a ping to follow something my 5 senses couldn't quite comprehend. It was brutal. 

But, there was the ping...and it wouldn't go away. And so I'm going to follow it. I owe this massive support to my wife, Bridget. When I began this blog years ago, she was just my girlfriend. Never in a million years could I have imagined I would be doing what I'm doing but more importantly, doing it with her. She was the reason I even decided to choose a path of inward searching. It was her fault! She was this bright light of unconditional love and support and I was...a mess. But that damn light kept shining and loving that it grew so unbearable that it was either die or live. I almost chose die. Almost.  

And here we are today. BOOM freaking feng killer shui. I am married with the most amazingly supportive wife (even though she has every right to be pissed with me many, many, many times in a week). And I'm going to explore a depth of myself that scares the hell out of me. The truth of Bryce. And so thank you. When I return I will most likely only speak sanskrit. I will have dreads. My name will be "space" but written as a space... I will drink elixirs created from unicorn tears. And lastly, I will become extremely passive aggressive with people that don't hold proper yoga postures (even though I can't touch my toes). Namaste. 

Have fun over the next 6 weeks. Create space to find the bigger parts of yourselves. Breathe. No phone for the first 30 minutes of waking up. Drink water. Joy is the secret to finding answers.  And by God, remember to say,

"Today is a good day to say, Fuck it, I choose magic!"

Also, here is our greatest wedding dance ever!!!!! If I do say so myself. 

What if fear didn't exist?

This is really an off-the-cuff post. This is going to be a version of what my morning journaling exercise, the Brain Dump, looks like. I highly recommend people rereading my previous post about it and trying the dump.  Also, I am going away for 6 weeks. This last week coming up is pretty booked but there are some last minute spots for anyone who wants to try any of the services I've been offering or any specials. They're all up for grabs. $100 hour skype session. $699 week of finding your life. Or hell, if you feel like making up something because of your time schedule, great, let's try it. This is the last week where it will be experimenting time. When I get back, BOOM will be much different.  

So here is my dump for the day and it's all about the thread of What if fear didn't exist:

"I woke up this morning, again with anxiety in my solar plexus. I hate it. I loathe it. I wonder if it is just fear of the unknown that is crushing my soul. I need to get up. I ate too much pizza and chocolate cake yesterday. I am leaving to staff at my meditation school for 6 weeks. What am I thinking? No income. No Bridge. Am I insane? Ok, go meditate. You need an hour. Meditate. Just meditate. Don't check your phone. Read a book at least. Ok, a book. Jordan made me buy Search Inside Yourself, read that. Ok, oh damn he's talking about fear. What if fear is what I'm trying to reverse engineer with BOOM? Should I change the name of BOOM? It's sacred and am I pandering with hashtags. I like hashtags but it feels cheap. Fear! What is it that I want? 

A thought came into my mind this morning, what if fear didn't exist. What would I do? How differently would I live life. I was watching the old movie Defending Your life last night and they talked about how fear prevents people from truly living. And if you don't live you have to go back to earth for another round of life. Albert Brooks was in it. I like him. In the movie they make you review your life and a lot of incidences were about him missing big opportunities to make money.. He said, "so the point of life is to make money." And they argued, "No, it's highlighting how small you acted out of fear." He could only see the money. They could only see the fear. 

Fear, fear, fear, fear. What if there was no fear. I would walk up to people in the streets and sing Little Mermaid. I would walk naked. I would go to google and talk about BOOM and the sacredness of space. But fear keeps me from acknowledging sacredness. It needs a hashtag. #SacredLivingforBOOM. There we go. That should cheapen it up a bit. 

I then check Facebook to see how many views my PureWow video got. Ooohh almost 5k. Not bad. Oh shit, it's a video about a woman who decided to overcome her fears by living 100 days without fear. There it is again. It needs a hashtag. 

So, it is time to face fears. It is obvious a thread as arisen. I realize BOOM's time of trial and error are coming to an end and it is time. It's time for it to finally be what it needs to be. When I return from my "fearless" 6 weeks of deconstruction, BOOM will be what it needs to be. No hashtags. No selling out. No compromises. It will be sacred. It has to be. I don't want to review my life and see what the hell I didn't do because of fear. I can't stop thinking about that chocolate cake. I still haven't meditated. I feel fat again. I didn't drink water yet. I tell people to drink water. I haven't. 

To speak without fear. To act without fear. To live without fear. At the end of the day it's got to be fear or love. I hate the word love sometimes. It's cheesy and people use it for hashtags. I have. Why am I so against hashtags. It's weird. God, our house is dusty. I'm going to eat the chocolate cake now. No fear. No abs."


Inside Out Lies the Truth

First, announcements:

1. I am offering a full one week immersion program for anyone looking to transform their life in a profound way. It's meant to evoke magic from the depths of your being. It is 5 hours of one on one consulting. A feng shui of the home. Personal meditations and mantras. Plus access to all the paid videos on my website.
Since this is a beta program it's half price at $699. This is all online. If you want to really push it and do it in person, it is $2200. Sunday is the last day to sign up. Contact me here.

2. I will be leaving for 6 weeks at the end of February to go staff and meditate at my meditation school in California. If you are wanting to try anything before then, now is the time to reach out.  Time to BOOM!

---------------------------- -  INSIDE OUT LIES THE TRUTH------------------------

The things we want most are often external things. Money, job, love, fame, hair...external. The irony of it all is that the thing we want most is actually inside us. It's that seed of magic. The seed of truth. There is the answer to who we really are. How we can find love. Where to make money. What job is the best one suited for us. It's our magical seed. 

I realize it's a hard pill to swallow. Something inside us that holds the DNA of everything and anything we could possibly want. But it does. Because when we get a chance to live that seed, to hone in on it and walk with such absolute truth, well,  that's the goal. Once we embody that seed and let it live, we actually start bringing online other parts of us that have been offline. 

Intuition develops. Self-worth strengthens. Love begins to boom. Money flows in ways unimagined. This seed, again, is the blueprint to all the questions out there. We actually begin to think in clearer states. We create space to view the world from a entirely new perspective. Answers flow.

So why is it hard to realize it? Because we have been conditioned to believe that it's egotistical or selfish or a SIN to embody our seed, our truth. Ahh, but that's the greatest sin of all, not truly living as we were designed to live. And each person is different. Each person will have a different seed. Either way, get the seed. It's spectacularly magical.  

And if you want to dig in and see what that's like. Reach out to me. We can develop something that may be just what your seed ordered. Truth!



Morning Brain Dump for Clarity

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I love my morning routines. I think they are the absolute foundation for a fantastic day. Well, I recently added one tiny little piece...the morning brain dump. 

The morning brain dump is done before you meditate. What it is is you wake up and either on a computer or with a notebook, you journal. You journal as if you are vomiting from your brain. The point is not to journal about anything in particular, it's a dump. So dump. Random thoughts, ideas, worries, dreams, equations to quantum physics. Whatever it is, dump.


Our minds are normally in full on thinking mode the moment we wake up. It's trained to begin to analyze and assess the day. This is problematic because we haven't had a chance to prime our minds to see what actually may come out of the day. Thus, the dump. Spew out any background noise or thoughts and create space.

Oh there it is again, my favorite thing in the whole world. Space.  By creating space, we create a chance for massive creativity, insight, brilliance to show through where there may not have been any before.  Try the dump for a week. It's absolutely amazing what comes out of a dump. Sometimes solutions to problems you've been worried about. Or things you didn't know you didn't know. Or maybe why you've been angry at your sister for 45 years. Maybe just a rant! Maybe, just to save the world.

Whatever it is, try it. The goal isn't to have a result. The goal is simply to do every morning. Shouldn't take more than 5-10 minute. You'll know when the tank is empty. 

Then continue on with your regularly scheduled routine. 


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Find Your Magic

I love this idea of magic. I always have. It's in me. Despite the entire world saying it's just fiction, I knew there was something deep within that was beyond the senses. I have felt it since childhood. Who knew it would become my driving force in creating BOOM. I have gone to the ends of the earth seeking to discover what this magic is. I have read a ridiculous amount of books and taken an insane amount of courses looking for this magic. And while I searched, there was always this voice in the background telling me I was foolish. When I heard it, I would shut down. My energy would go from hope and possibility to worthless and stupid. 

Then I became a lawyer. That was society telling me what to do. I followed it. I'll be honest, the quest for magic almost died. Ahh, but alas, the tale can't end there! Something inside me would poke its head out every so often and remind me of a bigger truth. Of my magic. And no matter how hard I tried to crush it, it wouldn't stop. It would kill me before it did. And it tried. 

I met my wife, Bridget almost exactly on the day I turned 30. Darkness. Bryce. Was. Dark. But on that fateful day, the quest began, in full freaking force. Bridget challenged me. Drove me nuts. Pried me apart. Loved me. Held me. I loathed it. The magic, loved it. I tried to self-destruct but I couldn't. She wouldn't let me. Slowly but surely the energy of the destruction transferred into seeking. Learning. Meditating. Feng shui'ing. Healing. Magic'ing?. The QUEST WAS BACK!!! And in turn, 6 years later I married her. My angel that guided me back to the quest.

It took me a lifetime to get here. I am proud to have my law degree. It keeps BOOM incredibly skeptical and grounded. I am proud of my past destructions. I have extreme empathy for anyone going through the same thing. But most of all, I am proud of the seed of magic buried deep within. It never gave up. To think that at the age of 36 I would literally be working with people to discover their own magic. It's quite an insane thought. I made the job up. I made it up out of my own quest. 

So, I say to you, if your magic isn't fully online yet, go find it. Stretch yourself. Do things you know in your heart are true. Do things your brain will hate you for. Do things that scare the living bejeesus out of you. But please, for me, find that magic!

However, if you don't want to search for 6 concentrated years, I am offering a personal one on one online magic package. It's 7 days with full on intensity. It's about 5 hours of personal exploring and owning your magic. 7 days of meditations based on your seed of magic. 7 days of personalized mantras. And unlimited text and email support during this massive transformation. Email me at to discuss more. It ends 2/19/17. There are 7 spots only.  Please share if  you know of anyone who is looking to find their magic and want to BOOM.

Creating Space in the Brain

Space in the brain is one of those rare commodities. We are a people of thinkers. We like thoughts. Past, present, future thoughts. Thoughts about other people's thoughts. Thoughts about “what ifs, how comes, why nots, how soons, it's not enoughs, too lates.” But the thing is, if you can clear these bad boys, the answers that we seek normally come. We just need some damn space!

Last weekend I was in the airport. Plane was delayed. Thoughts started creeping in. Add a dash of anger and a whisper of desperation and boom, a soufflé of wild Bryce. But, I decided not to do that. I decided to make space and start to see things beyond the chaos in my brain. So I calmly waited and got a vibe for the situation and assessed options. They said I could sleep over in the airport or go to my connection in Charlotte and stay there. I boarded the plane and arrived in Charlotte. They rebooked me on a connecting flight to NY the next morning and told me to pick up a hotel voucher to spend the night. The line to pick up the voucher was insane. So I created space in my brain. I allowed the situation to unfold beyond the chaos. And then, I got a ping. Double check to see if my connecting flight was in fact gone. Even though the boards said it was, the airline said it was, I checked. And so I ran to the gate to follow this ping.

And there in front of my eyes was my plane. As fate would have it something happened and they never took off. So I got on. Then we took off.

Had I been a chaotic soufflé, I would have waited in the line for my voucher, fuming and missed the ping for the answer.

Space is magical. Make it in your life and you will not be disappointed. It's a hell of a way to live.

And if you are looking how to make space in your life, let's chat.


5 tips to creating a magical day

The first 3 minutes of the morning are those rare precious moments to start the day. Imagine you've been given a blank canvas to create anything you want. That's what those first 3 minutes are. It's a time where we haven't started quite thinking yet. A time where we haven't let the news destroy our souls. A time where work hasn't crushed our brains. A time where it's this fertile cosmic ground to do anything you want. So, here are 5 tips to creating one hell of a magical day. But first, I won't even put this in the top 5 because it doesn't deserve a number. It is the mega rule for life: NO ELECTRONICS. If you touch those then we are no longer friends. It just has a way of crushing everything good and holy in life.  Here we go:

1. Set the intent of the day. What is it you want? What do you really want? Don't let reality dictate it. Think what you really want and then get it. 

2. Feel how you want the day to go. Step 1, check. Step 2, feel it. Get it in your bones. See if your body even knows what it feels like to have this event occur. Feel the joy you feel. Let it reroute the blood. Let it BOOM. Don't focus on if and when it happens. Just feel.

3. Clear your mind with breathing and let the feeling of step 3 go. Just breathe now. Deep breaths. 10-30 breaths. Feel how the air turns everything on. Feel the life flow through you. BREATHE!

4. Keeping up with mega rule, continue no electronics for 10-20 minutes. Prime your day with breath and feeling. 

5. Gratitude. Just look around at your home. Feel what it feels like to be successful in having a home! Look at the items in the home. Look at them with fresh eyes and see how pretty damn lucky you are. And then start to catch where the mind tries to poop on your gratitude. "Well, I need a new couch, mine is shit." "I can't really afford this place." "I don't love this area of town." It doesn't matter, at that moment, see everything as perfect. It's amazing what gearing into a state of mind does for you.  

Bonus: Treat today as if it were whole separate universe of time. No past. No future. Just today. Look at it as an infinite breeding ground of possibility. Oh mama, 24 whole hours to create and let everything in. Synchronicites abound! Catch them. Every moment today is a moment to catch something bigger. Catch it.  This is magic.  


And if you are looking to shift in a very big and powerful way, check out my offer. 1 week of breaking old patterns, bringing in massive love and amazingness, feeling huge self-worth, finding the inner magic that has been hidden for so long. See below and reach out. It's a hell of a deal and will impact the rest of your life.  

Your Redefining Week

I was listening to a Tim Ferris podcast where he was interviewing Josh Waitzkin, chess prodigy and world class consultant. Josh was describing how he no longer benefits from the definitions of what society has defined to be a "successful life." Josh is redefining his life one definition at a time. He gives an example of what he does with his son regarding rain. Instead of following the societal definition of rain being bad and eliciting a negative emotion, he is teaching his son to associate rain with positivity. Rain is good! And to further solidify the new definition of rain, Josh takes his son out and plays in it so it is now defined as fun. Interesting, right? What are things that we associate negatively that may in fact...not be? 

I love the quest of redefining societal definitions. I LOVE IT. It is one of my purposes in this life. The reason it is a quest is because a definition normally implies a constraint. It takes up space. Traffic is bad. Headache. Stress. Anger. I should have achieved xyx by the age of abc. Low self-worth. Doubt. Sadness. Because we didn't live up to the definition, we feel like a failure. I don't like that. I don't like that at all.

This begs the question then, what if we do meet the definition, does that mean joy and happiness follow? Ex: Success. If on paper we are "successful" but completely dead inside are we still successful? If constant anxiety and numbness runs through our veins day and night, success? What is your definition of success? Does it cause anxiety if it's not met? Is it time to redefine success?

I propose two things. One, redefine anything in your life that is giving you anxiety and not working. The reason I say redefine is because it is most likely not going to get solved if you are living by a definition that is not applicable to who you are as a person. It is time to create your own definitions. Once you do this, you will create space and figure out who the hell you are. Not some archaic meaning attached to an idea.

And two, I decided to do something very BOOM like. I am offering a full on "Your Redefining Week" intensive. It is 7 days of digging deep into the definitions that no longer work in your life and changing them. It's you and me using very unique tools to redefine the very unique you. I chose 7 days as opposed to some 6 week course because I like to get at things very rapidly and with a lot of momentum.

I want to BOOM, which by definition is: to experience a sudden rapid growth and expansion.  Do you?

If you are living by the old standard that rain is bad maybe it's time to see what else is defining your life? 



What if love was the answer?

A very good friend of mine recently asked what my definition of love is. I immediately said it's when he held me in his arms… But then I said, “shit, this is kind of important.”  What is my definition of love.

And it hit me, whatever this definition is, it is the foundation of BOOM. It's everything BOOM stands for. It's why I founded it. It's what I hope every person feels and sees for themselves after we are done. So here's my definition:

It is a profound and cosmic knowing of who we truly are and where we truly came from. It is truth in its purest form.

Love is a seed in every one of us. Some know it well. Some have forgotten. Some have never known it. But when we rediscover this seed, love ignites. It's an ancient remembering to something beyond time. And in there a power to create worlds exists. It is beyond definitions. Beyond clever quotes. Beyond people's descriptions. Beyond a goal to achieve. It is our truth. It is being.

I had no idea my real mission was for people to get back in touch with that seed. That love. Armed with many tools, the mission is clear, find the seed. Because if you find the seed, you can do anything. A cosmic exploration of you. So yes, I say “Fuck this. Find love.” It means fuck living in definitions that incorrectly define YOUR love. There is only one version of YOUR love. And when you tap it, BOOM. Magical things happen. Partners come in. Jobs. Hope. Precious quiet. And life begins to live again. We begin to live again.

If you want to find and explore this seed, let me know. It's my mission. It's where everything stems from. And if you want to do it on your own, rock out! Just know that definitions of love may no longer serve you. Hell, mine may even be crap. Create your own. It's now up to you to define your love.

BOOM on dear friends.



Also, don't forget about the special I am running. Fuck this. Find Love. 15 spots left. It is everything I described above...if you're into finding that magical life.

F*ck This. Find Love.

Ever since I created BOOM there has been one very apparent thread through most of my consultations, love. Whether over skype or in person, that lil love theme keeps popping up. It makes sense. Love kind of is that whole underlying fuel of everything in this wacky universe.  So there's that.

As great as the idea of love is, I noticed how tired people are with trying to find love. Tired of the rat race. Tired of apps. Tired of endless dates. Tired of being treated shitty.

Tired of being tired.

And to me, that sucks. There is a certain jaded closed offness to the whole idea of love that starts poisoning the even thought of it. 

So, why am I telling you this. Well, it turns out I'm quite successful in the love department. Not only finding love but more importantly finding that spark of fire deep inside the soul.

An ownership of love. Not a leaking of it. I help people remove the cluttered jadedness in life. I think one of the reasons I'm effective at this is because I loathe traditional approaches to love. To my core. Call me a cynical lawyer but it's true, I still very much am. And yet, at the heart of all this I am a big ol' lover who wants to find truth in it's purest form while cutting out all the bullshit. I want to find backdoors, different realms, holistic approaches, 360 degree total destruction of walls blocking anything in the way of love. And my clients are no different. They are unstoppable explorers.

So with this, BOOM is still very much feng shui, but it's also now about creating a clean, unjaded, magical, space deep inside the wacky animal we call ourselves. This approach to finding love, to me, is BOOM at it's finest. It's the quest of love and ain't nothing better than that.  

To get things started I'm offering a 1hr session for $100. It will eventually raise to normal prices but for now and the 20 spots open, let's try it out. See how BOOMing love feels.  

At some point it may be time to say, FUCK THIS. FIND LOVE.  

Please forward to any friends that want to try something different in the love department. Who knows, it may just knock their socks off. 



I cried when I told my aunt I loved her


It was my Aunt Chris's birthday yesterday. I told her I loved her. I cried. The only reason I am writing this is because it occurred to me that at the end of our conversation, I told her I loved her and missed her. And I of course meant it...but, I didn't really say it. I said it without the full boom of my heart. And so, I said "wait, I need to tell you something. I love you and am so grateful for everything you have done for me over the years. I can't tell you how much you mean to me and I don't think I would be where I am today if it weren't for you." That was the truth. She's earned the truth. It was from the most vulnerable depths of my heart. I said it and I barely could get it out. I was crying. I hung up the phone and I cried some more. I just cried. Of course the man judgment crept in a bit but fuck it, my heart and I were having an incredible moment. So I let it. 

I guess what I want to share is that, yes, I go through the motions, it's easy. It's easy to tell someone you love that you love them but not add that truth behind it. It's easy to let the rush of life take us away and forget to connect. But damn, what a shame. Do I want to be a big blubbering idiot telling everyone how much they mean to me all the time? Well, maybe I do. It's a very special way to live. It's like my heart got to breathe for a moment in time. Wow. What a gift in that moment.  

So, to my Aunt Chris, Happy Birthday and I love you with all my heart. 


Your nephew, Bryce

The Fresh BOOM of Momentum

Good morning BOOMer,

There is a period of time when a window opens up that the whole world is in sync with the New Year. It is a time where everyone, I truly believe, everyone somewhere deep inside says, "This year will be different. This year I'm going to do something really, really different." I'm not sure what that difference is but damn, it's pretty cool to think that it's happening around the wold. Who knew New Years could be that one unifying thing. 

And the reason I believe this is because somewhere deep inside all of us, on some level, we want to shift something so badly that we will believe in a magical time (the New Year) to come and help us BOOM into the next new and beautiful life. A yearning to improve. A yearning for love, fire, heart, BOOM! Like standing on top of a mountain and saying, "I can do this. I don't know what it is but I can do this. And I want it, I want it really freaking bad."  

And for those who are willing to ride this fresh momentum, take it, ride that sunofabich all the way home. Go get it.  

There is nothing stopping you.  

And for those who need a little help, I am here for you. I created BOOM for this entire reason. Shoot me an email and we can set up a free call to see what may come of a magical BOOM.  

Regardless, go find that BOOM. Use the momentum. Ride it. Clear the stagnant and the old, and ride that beast into Valhalla!  

Also, the incomparable Mariel Reyes and I are going to be holding a 4 part workshop that we have designed using techniques gathered over 15 years of experience. Part 1 is ignite. It is about clearing, creating, and igniting the new year. It will be Yoga, meditation, and manifestation. Mariel is a wold renowned Yogi that has taught around the world. I am of course founder of BOOM. The name says it all. It's 2 hours 7-9pm. $50. We have 15 spots left. It is an incredibly effective and powerful way to start the New Year. I hope you can join.  And if you aren't from NYC and know someone who would like this, please forward it on.  It's incredibly exciting.